We had booked a land outside the city. We thought of building a farm house over the land. We thought it would be a good choice for vacation. So the construction began in no time. We had planned a two floor building and a garden outside. The garden outside would me for a children. So the construction began. We decided to pay a visit to our farm house so as to see how the work was going on and to ensure that there was well functioning of our farm house. There were a few workers who were living over there as they use to stay very far from the farmhouse we decided to let those workers stay at our place. Once we had decided to go to your farm house again for a visit and this time almost half of the work of farmhouse was done. It was raining very heavily that day. All the roads were full of water. There was a lot of traffic jam on roads so we decided to stay at farm house. It was risky to stay at farm house because windows were still not fitted and so anyone could come in from the window. And also there were no beds there were just bed sheets. The option of going to stay in a hotel was also not available because of heavy raining. So we had to stay in the farm house. My husband decided that he won’t sleep. But at around 3 we both fell asleep. At around 4 in the morning we heard noises from our workers they were shouting something. When we asked them they told us that there were a few people who were trying to get into the house through window and they had weapons with them. The workers stopped them and handed them to police. Salute to them.

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The Fear Factor

I have been married since 10 years to my long time boyfriend Jimmy. He is a guitarist. He plays lead guitars for the band “Death”. His band plays death metal. We meet in a concert.  He did not have a beard back then.  But as his band grew so did his beard. I thought many times of telling him to shave his beard but I was to scared because I know he loves his band very much and I know his beard is important to keep the death metal satanic image of the band. And I also know he loves his band and his guitar more than me. Although he had never told me this but I know it and if he does it I’ll give him hell.

So anyways I was to scared to tell him to shave. Finally I discussed this problem with my friend and she suggested me to tell him directly and see what Jimmy would tell. My friend was like he loves you and he will shave it of if I don’t like it or if it hurts while making love. So anyways  I was very scared that day to tell him but I did and his reply was very sweet, he just said sure sweetheart. Hearing to this gave me immense pleasure I hugged him very tightly.

He shaved of his beard the very next day. I was very happy I spent the whole evening with him. I enjoyed his guitar whole evening and then like a gentlemen he took me to a hotel for dinner. What my point is if your husband or boyfriend has a beard don’t be afraid like me just go and tell him how you feel and he will definitely understand your feelings like my husband did when I told him.

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